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All you need is one of our waterproof tablets and you can start seating your guests and tracking your towels. Using their mobile phones your guests can immediately communicate with your staff sending service requests or even emergency alerts.


Who are we and what do we offer?

OpenCabana is a beach and poolside guest reservation and seating management system that improves guest experience.

  • Assign and manage guest seating
  • Accept guest reservations in advance
  • Improve seat turnover with convenient checkout
  • Notify guests of promotions in real-time
  • Receive emergency notifications and alert staff to health or security issues
  • Extensive guest and employee performance management reporting

Toweltrack uses RFID enabled towels to associate specfic towels to specific guests reducing towel loss.

  • Premimum Toweltrack towels available at competative prices
  • Know where your towels are and who has them
  • Reduce towel loss up to 50%
  • Send notifcations or charge for loss
  • Extensive inventory management and reporting

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